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Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Act Director Clementina Nyarko: "What I Learned About Time Management"

Directing the “Superheroes” poetry performance in the One Act Festival was an experience I will never forget. It taught me a lot about the importance of time management and communication. 

I loved my cast of “superheroes” from the first day I met them. I had always wanted a little sister... and now I had six! They were all so hyper and energetic so I couldn’t help but form bonds with them. When I saw my girls yelling out all their great ideas and sharing their excitement with each other I began to envision the final performance and I felt a big thrill.

That said, I soon began to realize that regardless of how much I wanted to be there to direct my cast every day and get them ready for the festival, I had too much on my plate. Being a part of the Academy meant dedicating my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to coaching my performers. However, Mondays were already set aside for student council meetings, Wednesdays were dedicated to college classes on 42nd street and on Fridays I had youth meetings at my church. I had no idea how I was going to manage all of my commitments.

I managed to find coverage so that I could fulfill my other responsibilities, but this was taking a toll on my actors. Two weeks into rehearsals my Superheroes had gone through four different directors. I recall seeing Alexia and Marlin one Thursday while transitioning to class and being bombarded with questions about why I'd quit the Academy, why I didn’t want to coach them anymore, and what was going to happen to the show. My heart immediately sank. I did not want my cast to think I did not want to be with them. I decided that if I really wanted to be there for my cast I would find a way. At first I was very stressed out about this. What I did not realize is that it would actually be much more simple than I’d thought.

I communicated with the student council mentors and they allowed me to be excused from meetings until the One Act Festivals were over. Once I got that out of the way I cleared my Fridays by communicating with my parents. I managed my Wednesdays so that I could spend two hours with my cast before I left to go to my classes. Managing my time allowed me to feel less stressed and at ease with everything that was going on in my life because I knew I had some control over it all.

I’m glad I was able to learn such a valuable skill while giving back to the Arts Program at Bronx Prep by coaching the middle school. It’s an experience I will always keep with me for reference when life hands me too challenges and I find myself feeling overwhelmed. I know now that by prioritizing activities and communicating clearly, I can find the right balance.

The "Superheroes" Rehearse at "The Point"

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