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The Bronx Prep Performing Arts Academy offers 5th-12th grade students an intensive Performance Studies experience spanning speech, theater, musical theater, stagecraft, directing and more.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Musical Theater Classic Comes to the South Bronx, by Joy Akinfenwa

A New Year, A New Beginning & One Fabulous Musical To Be Presented
Students eagerly await the announcement of Bronx Prep's annual Spring Musical

For months, many students await in anticipation of what the new musical will be. When the day finally arrives students gather from all age groups and talents, wanting to see whether they will come or go, and most often they stay, because it is an amazing surprise every year. Students ask: will I have a chance? Regardless of their talent, whether it is dancing, singing or even directing: Mrs. Q has always put in her best effort to ensure that everyone’s talent is expressed in a multitude of ways. So yes, you do have a chance, and we will make sure that the world will see the many different characters that you can execute.

George Guzman, 12th grade, waits nervously

Students gather after school around a covered board on the second floor. Beneath the covers are the answers that we have all been waiting for.

2006-- Once On This Island, 2007-- Aida, 2008-- The Wiz, 2009-- Little Shop of Horrors, 2010-- The King & I, 2011-- Guys & Dolls...

“And this year the musical will be...


From the prison yards of Toulon to the streets of Paris, Les Miserables captures the love, loss, and togetherness that occurred during the 1832 June Rebellion in France. Victor Hugo's novel tells the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who, after being given a chance for redemption by a kindly bishop, decides to walk a path of righteousness. His choice leads him to impact the lives of people of many different walks of life, all of whom are caught up in the French student uprisings of 1832.

This show--bursting with themes that resonate with modern day social issues and events, including Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring--now comes to the streets of the Bronx at a little school called Bronx Prep.

So much more to come! From auditions to casting to bringing the show to life... we will keep you posted.