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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day One Reflections from Student Directors of the One Act Festival

11th Grade Leader Allison Logan, “Boy Meets Girl”:

By the end of William and Sharai’s performance yesterday I couldn’t have been more amazed. The way they connected on stage and memorized movements and lines made me feel so proud.
Allison and Jada with the cast of "Boy Meets Girl"
Actors William & Sharai rehearsing lines.
12th Grade Leader Letishia Dhanpaul, “Miss Mannerly”:

Yesterday was an excellent day. At first I was expecting the students to be rude, but they were actually good and respectful. Theater is a great place to be and I got to meet wonderful little kids. Matthew showed that he is well-behaved and can listen to directions. I thought he would be running around, but when I asked him to sit down he listened to me. He’s a helpful person. Tiffany may be naturally shy but after practicing more she got into her comfort zone. Jilanda and the rest of my group made me proud yesterday.
Yamslee coaches Jilanda
Francelys and Matt share a moment
Yamslee, Francelys and Letishia look on with pride as their group performs

11th Grade Leader Dianeiris Vasquez, “School of the Americas”:

I love to share emotion with the audience. Yesterday, through every piece we shared a feeling—joy, sadness, or compassion. There was this one moment specifically where Syeanne showed us the diva she had within. She jumped up saying, "I can speak for myself! Cee Cee is dead and I’m alive!" Here the audience broke out in a gasp and we looked around after this reaction, sharing the connection we had just felt from the performance. It's these moments that bring about a vibe of unity and confidence. With my performers specifically, this vibe of togetherness was shared on a more personal level. When Manuela and Kurtis, for example, had trouble with the transitions, I told them that we should do something consistent during every transition, and they elaborated on my ideas. The end result was better than what I had imagined. That moment of mutual respect changed the relationship I had with my performers as a leader, for I was not only teaching but learning as well.
Dianeiris and Josh with the cast of "School of the Americas"

Manuela and Kurtis create powerful drama as Josh side coaches 

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