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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Dream Come True: "In the Heights" Writer and Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Comes to Visit

Lin-Manuel holds forth about the creative process... and staying true to your inner nerd.

Lin and Tosh freestyle

What rhymes with "Piragua"?

Big Pun lyrics blow Lin's mind

Q & A

Hanging on every word

The cast performs Club Scene

Cracking up...

"Look at the fireworks..."




Heartfelt thank-you...

Hugs for the leading man

A small token of our appreciation...

A scrapbook of production photos and cast reflections

A few last words of wisdom

A moment we'll never forget

Photo credit: Alejandro Duran www.thedigitalproject.com

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kids Teaching Kids: Student Leadership Helps Set Crew Thrive

The countdown continues toward opening night of Bronx Prep's production of the high-energy salsa/ hip-hop musical "In The Heights." We're less than three weeks away! The cast is investing long hours and tons of effort to ensure that this musical is successful. But a great musical isn't just about having a talented cast; there is also an essential group of people behind the scenes that help the cast look good.

The set crew of "In The Heights" has spent the last month building sets and making props. Hakeem, an Alumni of Bronx Prep travels from Ithaca College, where he is currently majoring in Scenic Design, in order to help the crew construct an elaborate set that vibrantly depicts "El Barrio" of Washington Heights, the setting of the musical.

The hallways of Bronx Prep are buzzing with excitement and students as well as teachers are requesting tickets weeks in advance. This unprecedented level of enthusiasm and community support reflects the level of commitment and ownership that our cast and crew members are demonstrating. 12th grade cast member Ilana says, "You can sense the focus and hard work when you see the set crew in action. This leads me to believe "In The Heights" is going to be a great show."

Our Technical Director and Set Designer Hakeem begins to sketch the set of "El Barrio"

Our Master Carpenter Letishia (right) meets up with the crew for some hands-on building. Letishia says, "I have a lot of responsibilities in terms of making sure people are doing their jobs, but I'm always learning from my peers."

Shaquasia (far left), our co-prop manager, comments,
"Managing props is a hard task but I'm approaching it with a positive attitude and I know I have a team that is always ready to help me get the job done."

Edison (co-prop manager), after a long day of building sets and attempting to fix a chop saw.

Stephen generously lends a hand in fixing the chop saw.