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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of "Guys and Dolls"!

Major mayhem and behind-the-scenes craziness had us scrambling this year, but in the end, the show was a hit! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the closing night performance:

Melanie as Sarah Brown sings "I'll Know"

Brianne as Adelaide makes her big entrance; Milagros and Leslie lead her entourage

L to R: Rashawn as Harry the Horse, Shane as Big Jule and Charles as Nathan Detroit

Norberto as Nicely and George as Benny lament the lengths that guys will go to for the ladies they love in the song "Guys and Dolls"

George shows off his curves as Benny in the song "Guys and Dolls"

The Havana Dancers tear it up! L to R: Essence, Monei, Milagros, Jamai

Sarah Brown lets her hair down (after half a dozen Bacardi's)

Adelaide and the girls in "Take Back Your Mink"

Oliver as Sky Masterson, nonchalant and debonaire as always

The Crapshooters fly high! L to R: Thomas, Emmanuel, Thaddeus, Juztin

Oliver as Sky Masterson rolls the crapshooters for their souls in "Luck Be a Lady"

Marcus as Arvide makes his singing debut (wow!) with "More I Cannot Wish You"
Tiff keeps the sinners in line as General Matilda Cartwright. "Hallelujah!"

Norberto as Nicely busts out a show-stopping performance of "Sit Down Your'e Rocking the Boat"

Norbs tests his vocal limits and discovers he's got a lot more power in the tank...

"Guys and Dolls" Finale!

Curtain Call!