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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aladdin Update: Successes and Challenges

Ilana G. and Samantha F., BP Academy Bloggers

With less than one month until the show, the cast of "Aladdin" has come far. During the tiring rehearsal days, the cast has learned to overcome some of the challenges they've had to face in acting and singing.

"I learned how to switch into different emotions while in character" says Jasmine, nodding her head proudly.

So far, the cast has learned dance moves, gestures and have memorized some lines. They've been staying late after school trying to learn their parts. But the Junior Leaders have worked even harder, staying after rehearsal to plan for the next day, choreograph dances and block scenes.

Junior Leaders Teaching "Prince Ali"

We've had some good days, but we've also had some crazy days. At first, the Junior Leaders had some trouble keeping the actors' attention. The Junior Leaders used to get frustrated with the actors so at their daily meeting with Ms. Q they discussed how they can make rehearsal run more smoothly. After their talk the Junior Leaders improved on keeping the actors on task and made lots of progress on many of the most difficult scenes.

Ruth Directing

Their new approach seems to be working. "I learned that there is a time for fun and a time for work" said Mohammad, one of the guards.

We know all of the cast's hard work is going to pay off on the day of the show.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Biggest Bronx Prep Squad in Several Years!!!!

This has been the biggest Bronx Prep squad to enter a local competition in several years. A big group of newbies joined the veterans to represent Bronx Prep at last weekend's tournament... and they did us proud. Joy Akinfenwa and Dianeiris Vasquez, both new to the team, made it to the finals!

To know more check out their blog: 

Bronx Prep Speech Team Page!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010