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Monday, March 4, 2013

"In The Heights" Comes to the Bronx!

Bronx Prep Performing Arts Academy is plunging into our spring musical with a show that is totally different from all our previous shows. Unlike all of our past musicals which took place long ago or far away (or both), this year's show, "In The Heights," takes place in the present day in Washington Heights, just a short bus ride away from our school. The show is bursting with Latin flavor, hip hop rhythms and stories about kids and families facing struggles and chasing dreams that are familiar to our actors. Rehearsals have already started, the cast has memorized songs and the crew is about to start building the set. Stay tuned for more pictures and behind-the-scenes stories from Bronx Prep's "In The Heights."

The whole cast and crew at the the first "In The Heights" rehearsal 

Nikisha as Abuela Claudia

Dianeiris as Nina and Denzel as Benny singing "Sunrise"

Milagros, who plays Vanessa, says, "I'm very excited. This musical is so modern and relatable, I feel like I'm acting like myself."

Our leading man Miguel Cruz says, "This is exhilarating because we know exactly what is going on in our characters' lives so we can relate to the scenes."

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