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Monday, January 31, 2011

The x-Drama Is On A Roll!

By Academy bloggers Ilana Garcia and Samantha Fernandez

Our first-ever student directed middle school musical "Aladdin" brought 2010 to a successful end. Now in the new year we will start things off with a new experience... our school's first-ever experimental drama. The name of the piece is "Breaking Together." We created this title to reflect our theme of working as a community to break the boundaries of traditional theater and create something totally new. Instead of working from a script the way we have done with all of our theatrical projects in the past, this drama is going to be completely made up by the creative minds of the BPPAA family. That makes this experience more challenging yet more creative. The show will take place in a secret location on February 8th and 9th. 

On January 5th the high school leaders modeled the future rehearsals. They showed us how we will be making our own monologues, dances, music and artwork by drawing inspiration from images and song lyrics. The high school leaders each received a picture and spontaneously created a monologue, a movement or a song based on their emotional reaction to the picture given. It was a very creative day and it showed a lot about the student leaders' willingness to take risks and use their minds to make innovative and unexpected connections. As the day ended the leaders announced that at our next rehearsal were were going to be the ones doing this same kind of creative work. We're really excited!

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