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Monday, September 20, 2010

Rehearsal Day 1:

Ilana G., BP Academy Blogger

After the first day of "Aladdin" auditions the actors that the Junior Leaders want to see more of come back to room 201 for callbacks. As a high school student, I am thrilled to see all of the students show off their talent.

As they anxiously come into the room, the actors' faces light up. They are excited to be back. When the auditions are over, the Junior Leaders announce that the cast list will be posted the next day. 

The following afternoon in the hallway outside of room 201 we hear the cast members yell out the parts they got. "I'm a townsperson!"..."I'm a narrator!" they shout. 

After the intense energy in the hallway calms down, the actors pile into room 201, ready for their first day of rehearsal. There is a lot of noise and excitement as the Junior Leaders ask the middle school performers to grab chairs and create a circle.

It is really interesting to see my peers take on the role of teachers for the first time; I had expected them to be exaggeratedly strict, but they are calm and understanding.

Today, they start to sing some of the most important songs in the play. Enmanuel, our "Aladdin," and the rest of the cast, go over the first big production number with Dr. Kiorpes, our school's piano teacher.

Enmanuel is a very talented young actor with a beautiful voice. It's amazing he's in 5th grade and taking on the lead role. But when he starts to go over the high notes, he starts to have some trouble. Dr. Kiorpes is very patient with Enmanuel. Enmanuel's face turns red in embarrassment as the other cast members begin to get impatient. But because of his detemination he is able to reach his notes with the help of Dr. Kiorpes. All the cast members are impressed with his persistance.      

The day comes to an end and the actors receive their scripts to go home, leaving the room in a good mood. It's going to be a wonderful musical from the looks of it.

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